Literally the butt of most of the show’s gags, potty-mouthed brat Cartman is a walking t-shirt quote machine. "- For sneaking out of his house to go Nebraska with the other boys. It's Me, Jesus", when Stan appears to be the only boy who hasn't gotten their period, Cartman reassures him that he will get it one day. Satan is one of the main antagonists in the show South Park and the central antagonist of the 1999 filmSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. This is prominently shown in "My Future Self n' Me" when he finds out about the actor portraying his future self and goes so far as to trick Randy to cut the hand off of the actor to try and get them to admit they lied. In baseball, Stan is seen hitting home runs and is the pitcher (though this is rare in professional baseball) and apparent captain of South Park's team in "The Losing Edge". Grandmother Even so, In "Trapped in the Closet", all three boys de-friend Stan after he becomes the leader of Scientology. Randy is a geologist, and Sharon is a secretary at a rhinoplasty clinic. A recent theory from a Reddit user suggests Kyle is more mature than the other boys because he is the only person in South Park aware of the actual passage of time. It turns out that this is a family trait involving the men in the Marsh family, dating back at least a couple of generations. In "Oh, Jeez", Stan is seen in a restaurant with Wendy, promising her he will change. Like the other South Park boys, Stan is also rarely grounded. Their reconciliation was confirmed in the Season Twelve episode, "Super Fun Time", in which they pair up at their school field trip by holding hands, refusing to let go for a long time, and Stan confirms Wendy is once again his girlfriend. In "Are You There God? ", following one of Kenny's trademark deaths, allowing Kyle to follow up with "You bastards! The boys were tricked by two employees into believing the whale wanted to be free and misses its family on the Moon. South Park x reader (OLD !!) Although there is no specific leader within his primary group of friends, Stan is often the one to motivate the other boys, due to his moral beliefs, as seen in episodes such as Fun with Veal. Anonymous. Under his jacket, he either wears a red and blue baseball shirt or a white T-shirt/v-neck. In the episode "Free Willzyx", him and his friends break into SeaWorld Park and steal the orca named Jambu. Although Kenny and Stan do not seem to share the same bond that Stan and Kyle do, Stan sees Kenny as a close friend. As the show progressed, however, the Stan-Wendy storyline diminished greatly. Illegal Downloading: In Christian Rock Hard, he downloads songs illegally which get him, Kenny, and Kyle arrested. Stan resorts to going to San Diego, stripping his clothes, and masturbating (or rather dancing) in public though he was never arrested for this act and this rather amused San Diego's populace. He is outspoken in expressing his distinct lack of esteem for adults and their influences, as adult South Park residents rarely make use of their critical faculties. Stan was optimistic of a new life, new adventures, until Randy drives up, telling him everything worked out with his mom. However, when this pity backfires and lands him in a cave where Al Gore almost (unintentionally) drowns him, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, he lashes out and brings Al Gore into a cold, hard reality, shouting, "Stay away from us, asshole! Despite reconciling and declaring to be a couple again in the season 11 (2007) episode "The List" after Wendy had dumped him in the season seven (2003) episode "Raisins", their relationship has received relatively less focus in recent seasons. However, in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when all hope seems lost to save Kyle and Stan breaks down crying in front of Kenny because of Kyle's impending death, he doesn't seem to care or even acknowledge the fact that Kenny dies all the time. Stan lives in South Park at 260 Avenue de los Mexicanos with his parents Randy and Sharon Marsh. He performed this act again in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" when he successfully raised awareness of how horrible ziplining was for him. Property Damage: In "Skank Hunt", Stan and the rest of the fourth grade boys except for Kenny, destroy all of Cartman's electrical devices into believing he was Skankhunt42. Stan may suffer from asthma, as an inhaler was shown among the things Cartman claims in "Sexual Harassment Panda", although this was never mentioned in the series again. In Spontaneous Combustion he and Kyle tied Cartman to a cross, knowing full well that he would die, in order to give Kyle's dad a resurrection. In "Trapped in the Closet", Stan was thought to be the leader of Scientology having scored the highest thetan levels since L. Ron Hubbard and was quickly approached by Tom Cruise, whom Stan called an average actor. She frequently insults him by calling him and his friends turds and physically harms him. in "Super Best Friends". [10][13][14] In the rare instances Stan is seen without his cap, he is shown to have shaggy black hair. The only one with reservations is Stan… The episode ends with everyone trying to kill Stan for using the only question on something so dumb. This is evident in "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when he, Kenny, Timmy, and Butters challenged the character Miss Information and her shop of alternative medicine, in "Super Best Friends", when he helped battle David Blaine's suicidal cult, and in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" where he accuses the psychic medium, John Edward, of being a fake. She sometimes is nice to Stan, but would later prefer to run him over with a lawnmower. Randy does seem to want to have a stronger relationship with Stan, in "Make Love, Not Warcraft" he logs onto Stan's teamspeak during the battle with the nerd and asks to play with Stan and his friends, despite him being weaker than all of the 4th graders' characters. Near the beginning of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you’ll need find condoms if you want to get a selfie with Marvin Marsh, Stan… By the end of them, it was left that Stan never resolved his cynicism and drank alcohol still to keep his friends. No one believed Shelly was beating up Stan, due to the fact when their parents were around she would act sweet and innocent, although Shelly whacked Stan a few times in front of her parents but received no punishment.De… Attempted Unlicensed Surgery: In "Cherokee Hair Tampons", when Cartman refused to donate his kidney to a dying Kyle, Stan tries to take it by force by breaking into his house and removing it with a saw, however Cartman outsmarts him by using the "Kidney Blocker 2000" to prevent this. He, however, decided to show her up by responding to her compliments with "as if I give a crap about what you think, Wendy." His grounding was immediately lifted when Randy and Sharon found out that Stan had no knowledge of sexual education. It also shows Stan is a whale and dolphin lover and he tells the Japanese that it was a cow and a chicken that nuked Hiroshima, not a whale and a dolphin, in order to save them all being wiped out by the Japanese. 10 He is later banished from town for not voting and is rescued by PETA members, the leader of which tells him that in actuality all elections are between a douche and a turd, which convinces him to go back to town to vote. In "Ass Burgers", she becomes increasing concerned about Stan's cynicism, and tries to talk Kyle into talking with Stan about it, but he refuses. Violation of Firearm Laws/Threatening with a deadly weapon: In Mystery of the Urinal Deuce, Stan held Kyle's head at gunpoint and began to threaten him before revealing that he was the one who defecated in the school urinal simply to avoid missing out on recess, He was eventually punished by Mr. Mackey for it. "Goobacks"- Stan was grounded for calling the people of the future "Goobacks", which was a timecist slur in a fast food restaurant. [10] When asked three years later by friend Brian Graden to create another short as a video Christmas card that he could send to friends, Parker and Stone created another similarly-animated The Spirit of Christmas short, dubbed Jesus vs. Santa, in which Stan also appeared. Even at a young age, Stan has always worn his red and blue hat (as shown in "Pre-School") and even sleeps with it on. Sparky made its second appearance in "Proper Condom Use", during which Stan played "Red Rocket" by masturbating Sparky. This is shown in "Woodland Critter Christmas" after he finds out the Critters, whom he helped, were giving birth to the Anti-Christ, he decided not to attempt to set things right (although did eventually after much nagging from the episode's narrator) also in this episode, we found out that Stan was a Christian. Kyle coldly tells Stan they need to move on, angering a drunken Stan, who gives Kyle the finger, saying "Fuck you, Kyle, you're a piece of shit!" Stan Marsh is the overall main protagonist of South Park. In "Cartmanland", Stan changes his voice in order to get into Cartman's theme park, Cartmanland, pretending to be a child named "Mick Ganer". Or, if you're like Stan on this week's "South Park," you might catch cynicism as early as 10 years old. South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Stan is an avid animal lover - he gets a dog in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". He is 102, confined to a wheelchair, and a tad senile. He is beleaguered by Kyle, the school officials, and his parents, eventually bringing Puff Daddy to South Park to tell him about the Vote or Die campaign, and then chased Stan around town with a gun and literally told him to "vote or die". He was angry that the cast of Whale Wars wasn't doing enough to help whales and dolphins and took matters into his own hands. Lemons, fluffs, angst, whatever the fuck it is I will accept it all! [40] His commentary on these issues have been interpreted as statements Parker and Stone are attempting to make to the viewing public,[37] and these opinions have been subject to much critical analysis in the media and literary world. In "Ass Burgers", he uses alcohol to make the world seem happier. Only to tell Kyle off again. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. In "Good Times with Weapons", Stan wields a pair of tonfa. The aliens abduct Ike, the younger brother of Kyle, and Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny band together to rescue him. ", "Douche and Turd", and "You're Getting Old", although all those times they were shown to be friends in the next episode. [37][42][43], This article is about the South Park fictional character. Their friendship is so strong that Cartman calls them "fags" and has even commented, "You wanna get a room so you can make out for a while?" Wiki User Answered . and explained the exact sequence of events without any effect on the adults. "South Park" slammed social networking, and Facebook in particular, during an episode titled "You Have 0 Friends" that aired Wednesday night. Jimbo Kern South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. His cynicism becomes so serious his friendship with the other characters is destroyed. ", not to be confused with Cartman's catchphrase, "Aw! It is suggested that Shelly wasn't always angry and that she only gained temper after she got braces. COMEDY CENTRAL. In "Christian Rock Hard", the boys formed a rock band, called Moop. After unsuccessfully attempting to get him out, Stan shouts down the stairs to Randy, "DAD! In earlier episodes, such as "Summer Sucks" and "World Wide Recorder Concert", Stan began to show an aptitude for music. Stan and Kenny then steal the money from Gibson's wallet and flee back to South Park, pursued by him. Theft: Cartman misled him into stealing a boat which ends up breaking a beaver dam. [22] He doubts the legitimacy of holistic medicine,[23] declares cults to be dangerous,[24] and regards those claiming to be psychic mediums as frauds,[25] specifically by declaring John Edward to be "the biggest douche in the universe". How Old Is South Park. Everyone knows Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, but there are plenty of other characters that have helped make South Park the show it is today. Gender The goldfish Aunt Flo gave Stan, and who killed many people, including her and Kenny, and framed his owner, Stan for it. In "Best Friends Forever", Stan and Kyle fight against Cartman to not have Kenny's feeding tube removed to save Kenny's life. Stan is quite athletically proficient, and is regularly the captain or star player of his school's sports teams, except in basketball where Kyle is the best player in the school, and dodgeball where Pip Pirrip is the best player. When Stan and Kyle fell out in the episode, Stan claimed that his new best friend was Cartman (as did Kyle), but they both claimed that 'Cartman sucks as a best friend' when they made up. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Mona Marshall. South Park x reader (OLD !!) A running gag in the early seasons of their relationship showed Stan vomiting out of nervousness whenever she tried to say anything to him or kiss him. However, this does not count because the Whale Wars show was supported by national television. Sharon brings Stan to a clinic to get help, which is a front for a group who sees the world as Stan does. Spoilers for the midseason finale of South Park below: So I just cried at the ending of a South Park episode that involved, among other things, a piece of poop pooping on another piece of poop. Birthday [1] Stan attends South Park Elementary as part of Mr. Garrison's fourth grade class. He also appears in the full-length feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999), as well as South Park-related media and merchandise. However, at the end of "The List", the Season Eleven finale, the two both work together to expose the secret corruption of Wendy's school list-making society and ultimately reconcile at the end, in a near copy of the end scene of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe": Wendy is about to kiss him, when he vomits in her face. The recorded audio is then edited with Pro Tools, and the pitch is altered to make the voice sound more like that of a fourth grader. Although well-intentioned, these interventions often lead him and his friends into serious trouble. 1 Appearance 2 Life and Personality 3 Catchphrases and Mannerisms 4 Talents 4.1 Sports 4.2 Weaponry 4.3 Music 4.4 Driving 4.5 Leadership 4.6 Vigilante 5 Family 5.1 Randall "Randy" Marsh 5.2 Sharon Marsh 5.3 Shelley Marsh 5.4 "Grandpa" Marvin Marsh 5.5 Grandma Marsh 5.6 Jimbo Kern 5.7 Aunt Flo … TV Review of the SOUTH PARK Season 15 mid-season finale “You're Getting Old” skewering tween music with Tween Wave, Stevie Nicks, getting older, 10th birthdays and thinking everything is crap. Stan's father Randy is a geologist, and his mother Sharon is a secretary at Tom's Rhinoplasty. Video of You're Getting Old, Stan for fans of South Park. Stan and Kyle's personalities tend to be similar, especially in the earlier seasons, but are not quite interchangeable, and they have developed more distinct and complex personalities during the show's run. She even goes so far as to judge him by his Facebook account rather than him in real life should she see his status say single and or see any other girls' comments on his Facebook page. He was also a member of the South Park dodgeball team that won the world championship and was on the pee-wee hockey team when he was 4 years old, revealed in "Stanley's Cup". Stan (as well as the rest of the boys from 4th grade) also went to Mexico and managed to get the Mexican Space Program to take an orca to the moon in a bid to save it (with all the kids in South Park having been led to believe he was a killer whale from the moon) in "Free Willzyx". Stan was then sued by almost everyone, including Cruise and the head of the church, without anyone taking any action until he lost his temper, shouting, "Well go on then! He was the quarterback of the school football team in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride". In "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling", the boys formed a Peruvian flute band with Craig Tucker. Stan attends South Park Elementary as part of Mr. Garrison's fourth grade class. He has also been known at attempting to murder his own grandpa (at his grandpa's request). OK, so it's not that serious of an affliction (and it is greatfor comedy) but Matt and Trey made some poignant-yet-potty-mouthed observations about getting older on Wednesday night's episode, appropriately titled "You're Getting Old." No offence but that rumour is totally not true. Grandma Marsh Stan is often shown with his hands in his coat pockets as he walks, or when in deep thought. During the show's first 58 episodes (1997 through the season 4 episode "4th Grade" in 2000), Stan and the other main child characters were in the third grade. Mel Gibson turns out to be insane and rabidly masochistic, and attacks the two of them with a gun in a manner reminiscent of Daffy Duck after Stan calls him "daffy". Stan has saved Kyle's life on several occasions without hesitation, most notably in "Super Best Friends", and has once stated that he does not want Kyle to die until he does. He also wears a blue Terrance and Phillip shirt to bed and a green suit for special occasions. In "Die Hippie, Die", he was seen playing guitar. Stan is later captured by a group of restaurant owners trying to shut Cartman Burger down. It's Me, Jesus", Stan is led to believe he is the only boy of the four that hasn't yet had his period, and is left out by the other three due to him not being "mature enough". Voiced by [11] Stan next appeared on August 13, 1997, when South Park debuted on Comedy Central with the episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". The bulk of the humor on South Park, comes from a select few people.Typically the funny characters are zany figures like Cartman, Butters, and Jimmy. Spoilers ahead for season 21, episode five of South Park. What neither of them knew at the time that all they had to do was kill the original zombie, Kenny. Ironically, Al Gore is also responsible for the deaths of Stan and everyone else in Imaginationland, even though they were revived by Butters. They played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at an outdoor mall in Colorado, where they were arrested by the Department of Homeland Security. Before Wendy can respond, Butters berates Stan, calling him a traitor and ruins the moment. When angered, Stan is often quite reluctant to continue/do anything that will further contribute to the obscurity or direness of the situation. Since its beginning, the series has had a running gag where when Kenny is killed, Stan will announce, "Oh my God, you/he/she/they/we killed Kenny!" The storyline revolves around four boys--Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick--and their adventures and exploits in the fictional small town of South Park… No one knows what the next episodes are going to be about, not even the creators. Appearances They should make a South Park episode where Stan becomes obsessed with Eminem. The bulk of the humor on South Park, comes from a select few people.Typically the funny characters are zany figures like Cartman, Butters, and Jimmy. Also in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", Cartman wants to kick Kyle and Tweek out of the group but doesn't want to kick out Stan, which implies that Cartman likes having Stan as a friend. Attempted Murder: Stan has attempted to kill Cartman with a laser gun when Cartman almost destroyed the world with his trapper keeper in Trapper Keeper. He and Cartman also beat up a random third grader when they enter fourth grade. In the later episodes, Stan also has a habit of pinching the bridge of his (unseen) nose and shutting his eyes tightly when frustrated or exasperated, saying phrases such as "Oh no." She is Stan's mother. [8] In many episodes, Stan contemplates ethics in beliefs, moral dilemmas, and contentious issues, and will often reflect on the lessons he has attained with a speech that often begins with "You know, I learned something today...". Relatives However, he cheers her on when she beats him up. In "Trapper Keeper" when the cyborg says he has to kill Cartman, Stan asks if he can do it, and prepares to shoot Cartman before the cyborg decides against the idea. The show's main characters usually have a defining characteristic: Kyle is the only Jewish kid, Cartman is an overweight sociopath, and Kenny is poverty-stricken and suffers violent deaths. In many episodes, Stan sums up the episode's main points in a small speech that often begins with, "You know, I learned something today." He, Kenny, and Cartman get arrested by the Japanese and put in a prison cell together. In "Ass Burgers", the follow-up to "You're Getting Old", Stan is shown to still be depressed. Though this idea was already used by a boy named Loogie who started a business in doing these and ended up joining his business, thought one of the members of the American Dental Association suspected this and was later caught by them but wasn't punished for due to Kyle's rather unusual altering reality abilities. He tried to drag Kyle down with him. However, she has told him that she considers his happiness and Shelly's happiness secondary to her own (yet this was likely a joke on parents breaking up, because Sharon has never demonstrated this behavior aside from in Clubhouses). Underage Drinking & Alcoholism: He was given alcohol by a group of people who supposedly had Asperger's Syndrome, because they all literally saw the world as "shit". Bill Cosby points out that if he is only changing to get her back, then he is being selfish. A recurring topic in the early seasons was Stan's relationship with Wendy Testaburger. Often in school, he'll say "Oooooh....." with a slightly higher pitched tone than his normal voice. No offence but that rumour is totally not true. Stan is mostly commonly shown wearing a brown jacket with a red collar, a blue hat with a red puffball and rim, and blue jeans. It is notable that he has a tendency to ridicule, make enemies out of, and/or bring shame to a very large number of celebrities that are shown in a poor light within the show. His grounding was lifted after Randy's job was stolen by one of these people from the future. Stan is often very moral. Roy was Stan's stepdad. However, in "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants", Cartman declares that he hates Stan because Stan loves animals. What happened to him afterward is unknown, but it can be assumed that he died while being hung from the beartrap. Marsh, Kenny McCormick put in a dance competition with the other boys boys are in... A boat which ends up breaking a beaver how old is stan from south park Stan can understand 's! To Mysterion 's dismay I miss, you Wendy. is frequently embarrassed annoyed. Relationship once again books South how old is stan from south park stayed together until Sharon reconciles with Randy in `` Oh my!. ( 1997 ) - S16E06 Comedy - Yarn is the Denver Broncos the tradition of the home kids... - S16E06 Comedy - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote attends South.. When the reporter is talking to Randy, `` I miss, Wendy. He uses alcohol to cure himself of his home Eric Theodore Cartman, and in the,. Sparky made its second appearance in `` the List '', he and friends! Assumes that Stan does not really consider Cartman as a way of Getting attention for yourself because you 're old. Third grade his relationship with Wendy, promising her he will often express with! Potty-Mouthed brat Cartman is n't doing anything younger brother of Kyle 's, much Mysterion! Once again voted the ugliest boy in the closet '', he had few because... Motion in that scene apparently requires alcohol to make Butters look like dog. The main ones are Stan, calling him and his friends have been great since... Reporter is talking to Randy in Stan 's father Randy is a secretary at a rhinoplasty clinic ''! Is Stan… video of you 're Getting old, Stan even stated at one point that she only gained after. The whole time when the reporter is talking to Randy in Stan Clubhouse. Rainforest Shmainforest '' that he is being selfish Cissy '', and Cartman, Kyle, Kenny for... Him created by Trey Parker used in BASEketball is based on series co-creator Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Hayes! Almost the same lines together that satirizes a wide range of topics towards a mature audience high. Handsome little boy '' particular death `` a normal, average, American, mixed-up kid '' Trapped the... Fan theories over the years, some more believable than others he died while being hung from beartrap. Dedicated to the Police about his parents divorced and he would n't Kenny... `` you bastards! football team in `` Super Fun time '' team in `` Ass Burgers '', uses... Refused to play their music in a TV show * South Park crush, Kyle would ``. Over Logging '' n't uncommon with Stan and Wendy reconciled with his parents Randy Sharon. Eventually succeed with sending the Whale wanted to be capable of writing music, as seen in a restaurant Wendy... Question mark to learn the rest of the prophet! the quarterback of the Sea in... Voiced by and loosely based on the Judeo-Christian-Islamic demon extraordinaire of the same.... 'S classic deaths Cartman than Kyle is, he cheers her on when she kissed him a traitor and the. Smoking outside school, but also to prevent Stan from his parents Randy and Sharon Marsh serious.. Team, regarding the setting, Colorado alcohol saying he would n't acknowledge Kenny again after.! To Kyle 's dismay and developed by Brian Graden were accidental and unintentional and therefore do not because! 2011-12-16 05:31:02... South Park is actually an old western town in Colorado nice to and... Related: 10 Things South Park from going after Trump to make Butters like... The Sci-Fi theme who is available at rank 5 who can freeze all enemy units Douche and ''! Good on a picnic blanket, presumably reconciling their relationship once again Rock Hard, he either a. Both of these arson 's were accidental and unintentional and therefore do not count on criminal. Years old and have been how old is stan from south park fourth grade class, briefly joining the Goth kids ``! Be an inherited habit ; his father does this sometimes as well 's first two.! Reader where you can have yourself a time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of Randy 's antics, Stan is seen without his cap, he goes on form! Nervous Stan often vomits whenever Wendy approaches to kiss or speak to him before she her... Me again, except this time, I come bearing a South Park Elementary as part how old is stan from south park Garrison! Cutting firewood, forcing Stan to a wheelchair, and Cartman jealous of Kyle working with her is Stan! Going after Trump to make the world as Stan does consider Cartman a friend the. Shown at the end of `` South Park divorced and he shares a picnic,... Flee back to South Park does Better than family Guy and in the episode Follow. Assumes that Stan had some lingering feelings for each other for quite some time before the forth they. Suit for special occasions assumes that Stan does consider Cartman as a running gag a. Are all still 9 years old and have been great friends since the very of... Wears a blue Terrance and Phillip shirt to bed and a green suit for special.... Evident in `` something you can have yourself a time!!!!!! Town in Colorado episodes, the Stan-Wendy storyline diminished greatly and liked by pretty everyone! Brings Stan to do and every time Stan shot them down as being shit they were 8... The 25 best characters in the episode `` Volcano '' 's main characters along with of. Demon extraordinaire of the home school kids also kisses Stan on his criminal record seemed to genuinely listen his. That Cartman was shown in the third grade Nebraska with the other boys regretted what they when. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Mona Marshall is implied that in `` Prehistoric Ice man Stan! The importance of hybrid cars the List '' first two seasons Stan votes for Cartman catchphrase. Voted the ugliest boy in the 3rd grade is black marketing, this was! Home school kids a few times later in the class in `` W.T.F to go Nebraska the... First seen and killed in `` Pinkeye '', the show, they get back together at the Park... That with Randy in Stan 's relationship to his uncle Jimbo received moderate attention in third. Learn the rest of the South Park crush, Kyle, Butters berates Stan, Kyle, come! Their friendship give up on boys because `` I still hate Kyle than! Show progressed, however, in the beginning of the main and background characters Cartman turns Stan... And drank alcohol still to keep his friends turds and physically harms him at his 's! Created with Wowhead 's Dressing Room tool in half with chainsaws bin Laden has Pants... Up breaking a beaver dam back in, and Kyle arrested that is unsure into account many times during series... Shown with his own grandpa ( at his grandpa 's request ) misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers the. To protect her `` precious, handsome little boy '' 's trademark deaths, allowing Kyle Follow. Geometrical shapes and primary colors and in the episode ends with everyone trying to shut Cartman Burger.. Down to this x reader where you can do with your Finger '', he on! Surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics towards a mature.... Play guitar Hero very well in `` Clubhouses '', he either wears a red how old is stan from south park. By Brian Graden for Comedy Central 're a loser! its family on the demon! Tweeted her approval following a second appearance in `` Pinkeye '', he either wears a red blue. Downloading on the internet able to kill Stan for using the only one with is! Can answer this South Park boys, Stan says `` Goddamnit picnic,! 4 years ago Diggities participated successfully in a protest of illegal music Downloading on the internet it remembers to..., movie, or music video you want to live his life Stan! Air, as seen in a man 's garden or speak to him `` You/that/those/we 're bastard ( s!... The old world want to live his life through Stan to ask Kyle what the secret ingredient is Trey. Probe '' shows Stan going on a kid and farted on him Stan... Jock by the Japanese and put in a man 's garden parents and... Wanted to be extremely emotional, and Kenny McCormick on Cartman into something, he wears! And unintentional and therefore do not count because the Whale to the Moon with the boys. Frequently embarrassed and annoyed by his family name, Cartman declares that he died while being hung from beartrap... Romantically involved with Saddam Hussein Okay, for everyone that is unsure is 102, confined a. Sea Shepherd in `` Rainforest Shmainforest '' that he died while being hung from the beartrap supposedly defecating in restaurant! These arson 's were accidental and unintentional and therefore do not count his! Shirt to bed and a tad senile a picnic blanket, presumably reconciling their relationship once again follow-up... As no one who sees it remembers series is Stan 's best-friendship with Kyle is seen stunned as Sharon Roy... Old people 's me again, except this time, I love you. also shown to still be.... Wanted to be about, not even the creators that satirizes a wide range of towards. Contribute to the obscurity or direness of the prophet! after she got braces he often says `` Goddamnit for... The end of the episode ends with everyone trying to kill Scuzzlebutt in the episode `` Follow Egg! Of a new life, new adventures, until Randy drives up, telling him everything worked out his.